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Our Story

Bankers Group Purchasing was established in 1962 by Richard Bolton. BGP began as a group purchasing company with the intent to help small financial institutions purchase banking products at discounted pricing. In 1965 BGP began purchasing printed products from Technical Publications, Inc. Richard Parece bought Bankers Group Purchasing from Mr. Bolton in 1966 and operated the business successfully until he chose to retire and sell the company in March of 2000.

During those 34+ years BGP and TPI maintained a close business relationship.  In 2000, Jim Spurrell, owner of Technical Publications, agreed to purchase BGP as Mr. Parece headed into retirement.  At that time, Andrew Grove came on board to become the Compliance and Sales Manager, training under Richard Parece.

Due to customer demands over the years, Bankers Group Purchasing has evolved into a full service provider. Because of the merge with TPI, Bankers Group is able to offer an even wider variety of services. We pride ourselves in continuing to provide compliant legal forms, everything from retail installment agreements and mortgage instruments to disclosures and privacy notices, as well as exceptional customer service. We can also offer full commercial printing services, such things as marketing materials, posters, brochures, postcards and more. Fulfillment services are now also available.

Bankers Group Purchasing and Technical Publications, Inc. remain a family owned and operated local business.

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